Welcome to my website, friend. This blog is about my experiment with living a authentic, attentive kind of life. Everything in these pages is my experience. I do not quote any authors, philosophers or scriptures because I believe borrowed wisdom is cheap. Unless it is my experience, I do not feel I have the right to write about it.

I also refrain from jargon because cults and religions use jargon as a divisive tool. I think that asking the right questions is more beneficial than pat answers.

I manage two chronic conditions and since my near-death I have attempted to rebuild myself. Kind of like the Six Million Dollar Man. Now, seven years later people tell me, “You don’t look sick.” I reply, “Thanks, I work not to.” This blog is a record of what I have done to get there as well as what I continue to do in rebuilding myself. I began the blog for myself, to clarify my own thinking, but it seems the blog has helped others with their struggles in life. How wonderful! How delightfully unexpected!

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